Heleen Schröder’s artistic practice centres on personal drawings and translating them into public forms. By virtue of its informal intimacy and spontaneous directness, the sketchbook is her ideal medium. To draw and make notes are for her ways of looking at and understanding the world – and she aims to retain this immediacy in work made for exhibition. The search for a means to translate the private expression of the sketchbook page into public forms remains an engaging artistic challenge.

About ceramics, she says: “I was drawn to working with clay in order to bring my drawings out of the sketchbooks and give them a permanent and material form. In a museum I had seen ostraca, shards of ancient pots, and wanted some for myself.  The material draws the maker into a rich and old tradition, and invites an engagement with the language of use objects. Pinching clay into hollow forms must be one of the simplest, oldest, most primitive techniques; it is an intimate, direct, and slow way of working. The object retains the imprint of the hand that made it.”

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